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 Custom Weapon Template

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PostSubject: Custom Weapon Template   Sun Nov 01, 2009 8:30 pm

Name of Weapon: (name of your weapon)
Description of Weapon: (what does the activation of your ability look like, and what is its appearance while it is activated)
Weight of Weapon: (how much does your weapon weigh)
Length of Weapon: (what is the length of your weapon. also keep in mind that we want you to add the width along with the length in this section!)
Natural Damage of Weapon: (how much damage does your weapon naturally do. keep in mind that you cannot exceed a limit of 5 ND[natural damage] )
Stats of Weapon: (what are the stats of the weapon)


[b]Name of Weapon:[/b]
[b]Description of Weapon:[/b]
[b]Weight of Weapon:[/b]
[b]Length of Weapon:[/b]
[b]Natural Damage of Weapon:[/b]
[b]Stats of Weapon:[/b]
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Custom Weapon Template
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