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 Mortalis - Beta Wolf

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Mortalis - Beta Wolf
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Mortalis - Beta Wolf

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PostSubject: Mortalis - Beta Wolf   Sat Nov 14, 2009 12:50 pm

Name: Mortalis - Beta Wolf
Personality: Mortalis was a greedy, miserly individual, arranging goals in terms of the highest profit he could gain from them, and was often unwilling to involve himself in something unless there was something to gain. He even remarked that money and research is the only dependable thing in the world. Due to this end, he referred to himself as the "Treasurer of Science". Given his friendly relationship with Ginji, his bounty officer, it would seem he collected bounties rather frequently to earn cash, and did so (or at least tried) during his missions on several occasions. The frequent side-tasks and devotion to money were both major points of contention between Kael' Thalas and Mortalis. He also seemed to respect an opponent who thinks, as shown with his reaction to multiple enemies' counters to Mortalis` attacks.

Out of all the army members, Kael' Thalas and Mortalis displayed the most animosity towards each other, since neither of them were very fond of each other's interests. The two often traded barbs with one another, Mortalis's usually having better timing than Kael's. Kael had shown great annoyance with Mortalis's greed and occasional habit of doing or saying blasphemous things, such as attacking a temple and killing the head monk for the bounty on the monk's head. Mortalis, in turn, disliked Kael's religion, believing the rituals associated with it to be a waste of time. Mortalis was also rather impatient with Kael's drawn-out speeches and battle style.

Rank: Werewolf
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 204.2 lbs.
Key-Traits: Beyond superhuman speed. Formal, and shy.
Biography: Born as a pup, he excelled his packs and amazed them with his awesome knowledge. However, now, he serves as a scientist under the command of the Destructor, Katalyst.
Overall Damage Attribute:
+4 Natural Damage
Additional Informative Stat:
In moonlight, using a Lycan spell/ability automatically grants +5 damage.
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Dark Elder, Katalyst
Katalyst the Destructor
Dark Elder, Katalyst

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PostSubject: Re: Mortalis - Beta Wolf   Sat Nov 14, 2009 12:52 pm

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Mortalis - Beta Wolf
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