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 Anit no Rest for the Wicked

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PostSubject: Anit no Rest for the Wicked   Mon Nov 09, 2009 1:48 am

The sun slowly rised, it was still the brisk of dawn, and cool winds roared down along the back alleys of Mo Chroi. It was such a beautiful morning, that it was sad that so much blood had been shed here. Four armored men, stood with blades drawn, standing over the lifeless body of a couple of everyday humans. Who seemed to have lived normal innocent lives. This however, was incorrect. There evil lay hidden in there souls, and due to that they had to be rinsed from the world, their existence would be eradicated, they would be executed, forever extinct. Foot steps could be heard echoing from the two narrow walls of alleyway. It was important that those who lacked justice would be properly punished by the Elder of Law and Order. No one would escape his Divine judgment. "Well, your fate is sealed, your Guilty of stealing life from the slaves you chained to the walls. Those poor innocent children you had kept for your slave trade have faced order. The where found not guilty. You will not defend your case, for you have been judged. The sentence....Everlasting hell." He spoke as the last of these common folk attempted to speak. But it was not worth the effort as he was smited to the ground. It was now time to access this lawless town. Full of fools who believed in a war that didn't even need to be fought. He tucked his hands into his pockets and walked down he streets, releasing his control over the minds of the weak minded knights meant to protect this area. He continued down the path as cold air swept through. It was time for a new start. Maybe he would find someone who actually committed a crime. It was in Extinctions nature to punish people for the smallest of infractions. Not even a High powered warrior could be spared from his Rulings. He was Judge, Jury, and Executionor.
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Anit no Rest for the Wicked
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