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 Brandito "The Gunslinger"

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PostSubject: Brandito "The Gunslinger"   Wed Nov 04, 2009 6:55 pm

Name: Brandito "The Gunslinger"
Personality: Brandito is a very serious person, or rather that's the only way of portraying himself to others that he has ever been shown. His time growing up in the makeshift camps, full of murder and deceit has made him cold and calculating. Any action that he takes or decision that he makes has been run back through his mind hundreds of times before it is taken. Living in such a way would obviously make him an outcast to others, if he should ever be allowed to meet anyone other than those who work along with him.
[b]Rank: Human

Age: 19
Height: 5 foot 11 inches
Weight: 140 pounds
Appearance: Brandito sports black hair and eyes that have a green tinge to them. His complexion is tanned and his build is athletic and lean. He wears a blue and black hoodie, which he mostly keeps over his head. He has many scars from scuffles he has been a part of as a young kid, but luckily these are hidden by his clothing.

Key-Traits: Brandito is very agile and has phenomenal eye sight and depth perception. With these traits it would only make sense why he has gained the nick name, "The Gunslinger"

Biography: Brandito grew up in a remote camp set up by humans that were able to escape from the vampires, and also manage to avoid detection from groups of werewolves. Brandito was raised hating both the vampires and werewolves, not to mention the humans that also allied themselves to either side. He's always heard stories of the world before these vile creatures roamed it and has always dreamed of returning the world from its perverted state into what it used to be, no matter how impossible it may seem to others. Even with this dream in mind, Brandito has had his run ins with trouble, joining rag tag groups of mercenaries and rebels who have waged their own little wars against their supernatural enemies. Brandito has been a part of a lot of these groups, starting from the age of 11 when he first held a gun, killing a vampire that was attacking a childhood friend of his. From that day forward Brandito began to hone his art of gunslinging, which paid off on the battlefield. His popularity began to rise within his small village until one day he was confronted by a group of travelers. They claimed to be an illustrious group that simply called themselves, "The Hunters". They had heard of his feats and decided he would make a great addition to a group that specialized in combating the supernatural entities. Brandito reluctantly agreed, but soon enough his love of battling these monsters made him forget he ever had doubt's about this group. Two years passed after this and Brandito quickly ascended the ranks, soon enough he was now calling the shots, and all that was on his mind was returning the earth to its rightful owners, the humans.

Overall Damage Attribute:
+3 Natural Damage
Additional Informative Stat:
In light, using a Humanoid spell/ability automatically grants +5 damage.
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PostSubject: Re: Brandito "The Gunslinger"   Thu Nov 05, 2009 2:52 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Brandito "The Gunslinger"   Sat Nov 14, 2009 9:15 am

Congratulations! You earned a new skill!

Name of Elder Skill:
Drain Youth - Charisma Skill
Spell Damage of Skill:
-220 health.
Charisma Modifying Counter of Skill:
+1 for every 1 Charisma counter.
Picture of Skills Appearance:

Additional Information:
This can only be used once a topic. However, after the ability has been used, you will become incredibly weak - Barely consciouse, and will not be able to use a skill or any abilities for three posts.
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PostSubject: Re: Brandito "The Gunslinger"   

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Brandito "The Gunslinger"
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