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 Dean the Dracula

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Dean the Dracula
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Dean the Dracula

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PostSubject: Dean the Dracula   Wed Nov 04, 2009 11:08 am

Name: Dean the Dracula

Personality: He is cold to everyone and he always cuts the opponent down, not just the opponent everyone around him except the Vampires. He never says anything about him. He has an overall dark and evil personality. He despites everyone who isn’t a Vampire and he is cold and mean to them, but when the person he talks to is a Vampire he is calm and composed. He only laughs about jokes that come from the mouths of Vampires, if they are funny. When someone from another race tries to be a comedian Dean just ignores them and replies with a threat and/or a remark like no other. He usually fights and travels alone for he thinks travelling I packs only makes them slower and weaker. Everyone should only care about themselves and about the Vampires with the highest ranks.

Rank: Vampire
Age: 95
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 155

Appearance: Dean had jet black hair and eyes as red as blood. His hair is going back and his forehead is covered by hairs as well. He usually wears grey pants and a black blazer or jacket that goes down to the back of his knees. He wears a grey shirt and a black vest. His back is covered with tattoos representing his Vampire hausehold and a lot of religius stuff like a cross and a church and a lot of other things.

Key-Traits: The only key-trait he has is the black aura that some say that they feel around him, it can’t be seen though.

Biography: He was born in a royal family and was the only son. Being the only son and without having anyone to play with he was a calm and quiet boy. Never talked out of place and always behaved as he was told to. He learned how he was supposed to behave and how he was supposed to act every day. No playing to breaks and no real family. His mother was the only person in the world he trusted and to whom he showed his kind side. When his father found that out he killed Deans mother and the reason for all that was the fact that his father thought that his mother would make him weak and that he would grow up to be a weakling, who can’t take care of himself. If he couldn’t take care of himself how could he take care of the family business and their royal status. When his mother was killed Dean started to do everything with an emotionless expression on his face. He had a dark and evil aura around him and he was never going to be the same. His father was always at a royal ball or a birthday party of his friend or in night clubs. Dean then started to realise that his father was getting weak. One rainy night when his father was driving home Dean stopped the car while it was headed home and killed every body guard in it and his father. The only thing he had from his father was his arrogance. As Dean grew up he got more and more arrogant. He thinks, no he knows that the Vampires are a superb race and are the most clever and worthy ones to exist. Not only at this time, but they were the greatest race years ago and they will be the greatest race many years in the future. So knowing that he also acts like the Vampires are the ones who have the right to rule. He is ready to kill everyone who is going to stand in his way or even has a doubt about the greatness of all Vampires. He is willing to kill every Vampire who is a disgrace to the race Dean is so proud of.
Overall Damage Attribute:
+2 Natural Damage
Additional Informative Stat:
In darkness, using a Death Dealing spell/ability automatically grants +4 damage.
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Dark Elder, Katalyst

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PostSubject: Re: Dean the Dracula   Thu Nov 05, 2009 2:53 pm

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Dark Elder, Katalyst
Katalyst the Destructor
Dark Elder, Katalyst

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PostSubject: Re: Dean the Dracula   Sat Nov 14, 2009 9:15 am

Congratulations! You earned a new skill!

Name of Elder Skill:
Drain Youth - Charisma Skill
Spell Damage of Skill:
-220 health.
Charisma Modifying Counter of Skill:
+1 for every 1 Charisma counter.
Picture of Skills Appearance:

Additional Information:
This can only be used once a topic. However, after the ability has been used, you will become incredibly weak - Barely consciouse, and will not be able to use a skill or any abilities for three posts.
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PostSubject: Re: Dean the Dracula   

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Dean the Dracula
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