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 Site Plot!

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PostSubject: Site Plot!   Tue Nov 03, 2009 12:26 pm

Internationally, humankind is in ruins. A once-secret conflict has taken center stage in a full out melee. For a little under a decade the world has been shrouded in darkness. There's been no running water, no one to maintain the various cities and countries, so mother nature has begun taking advantage of this. Engulfing sky scrapers with vines and the like, monuments have crumbled, and most homes have rotted away. Undergrowth reigns supreme in most places.

With their numbers depleting daily, humans have been obliged to side with the werewolves for protection as they desperately research a serum to cancel out vampiric transformations performed on humans. Bases have been established for the human allies by the werewolves where they reside and research.

There has been talk of vampires who have recruited human scientists for research of their own, in hopes of reaching a breakthrough akin to that of their enemies. Meanwhile, there are rogue humans taking refuge in the wilderness, away from the major cities. They are planning an attack of their own, against werewolf and vampire. Werewolves have created a makeshift hierarchy. At the top of the ladder sits the eldest of the werewolves who maintain communication and establish roles. These roles are similar to a military.

• Those born of two lycan parents are assigned to protect and defend. Blood lust runs stronger in their veins, and so they head most confrontations and assaults in packs. These packs are spread all over the world in clusters of a dozen with one elected mentor.
• Those born of one lycan parent are chosen as guards. These guards, who are more partial to humans, are expected to defend the lasting humans with their lives if necessary. There can be several or few guarding a particular area, depending on the lycan and number of residence in the area.

This security comes in the promise of an unlikely anti-vampirism serum. However, there are nonconformists on either side unwilling to cooperate.

Vampires are urged to keep a low profile. Their bases are unknown, as are their leaders. Their main goal is clear: total domination. They believe they are entitled to this and that they've proven as much by overcoming most of the population. Although rare, there are some vampires left who appreciate humans, not as food or as an enemy. Vampires with these beliefs are killed. There's no room for traitors in a perfect world. That being said, irresponsible and unreliable vampires are destroyed.

Vampires are allowed to walk the streets freely. With all the chemicals and nuclear assets the world attained before and used to prevent the parasite from spreading, the air is polluted with it's aftermath. Dust and debris hangs unfailingly in the atmosphere, blocking out any sunlight, even making the moon appear red. Though, it is unlikely that vampires and werewolves are the only beasts roaming this toxic planet.

Before the war, human researchers conducted a study called Unlycanthroposis. This study was performed on humans infected with the werewolf gene during their early stages, prior to their first transformation. Infected humans were injected with vampire blood in an attempt to sustain their humanity. Tests were also performed on the opposite side of the spectrum with humans infected with vampiric venom. These subjects were dosed with werewolf blood.

Humans displayed symptoms to the common flu one week after the tests ensued. The humans that were bitten by vampires died shortly after, however, the humans infected by the werewolf virus displayed an entirely different reaction. They transformed into beasts, neither human or werewolf.

Upon their final transformation, these beasts escaped their cells and eradicated most of the laboratory and its scientists, leaving behind only ruins. The research was discontinued and the facility was abandoned. Some of these beasts were managed to be caught and killed, however, there are still some that roam the wilderness. These beasts are a rarity to see, fight nonetheless. They are called Hybrid's by most.

The conquering force in this imminently changing world has yet to be determined. There only only few who continue to live on from even before the Nexus War, those who commanded the hordes of undeathly creatures. The eldest, and most powerful being residing on the current shaken and destroyed planet, is a man named Katalyst. Katalyst commanded the Nexus Invaders, confined of nothing but Hybrid and Werewolf alike, and they crushed the world beneath them in a few short days. Unexpectedly however, the vampires had initiated a hidden plan, and turned almost every human on earth into their kin, creating an immensly large army of vampire. After meeting at the Castle of Glacier, a battle was held that has still yet to be ended even now, centuries later. This battle is known as the Glacier Front. Only the most powerful and unholy of any race is currently fighting on the battlefield, blood continues to be spilled and there is none whom can stop the hatred these clans have built for each other.

Now, it is up to you! You must join the fight, represent your race and exterminate your enemies from your lands for good!

Below is a picture of what the battle looks like, and continues to look like every single day.

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Site Plot!
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