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PostSubject: Rules&Regulations   Sun Nov 01, 2009 8:14 pm

TOS and guild standards will be enforced on this board. Quick overview: two paragraphs per post minimum, third person past tense, and images cannot be any larger that 500x500 pixels. Please, if you would, include your character's picture in your replies. Thank you.

Pictures! They don't have to be real photographs, but if they are, please no celebrities. That's all I ask. Everything else in the way of character images are accepted.

Common sense etiquette rules for all roleplays apply here as well. No godmoding, powerplaying, or rude attitudes in OOC. Whether you get along with a fellow roleplayer or not, please remain civilized.

There should be a reply from you at least every seven days. If after a week we haven't heard from you either by PM or on the OOC board, we will move on with the roleplay without you. A roleplay requires a certain level of comittment.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself.
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